Yoga in English

You would like to practice Yoga & Mindfulness with me? Great! A few answers to your practical questions…

Individual Yoga classes

I offer individual Yoga & Mindfulness classes in English. I love being on the road and meeting interesting people! It could be inside, outside, at home, on your own, with your friends or colleagues, during vacation or working hours! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested!

Yoga mat & zafu

A yoga mat & a zafu (meditation cushion) look forward to meeting you! I’m coming with everything you need to practice Yoga & Mindfulness. Come as you are, with your head on your shoulders, your body ready to relax, your heart full of joy or any other emotion…


Please choose comfortable clothes that allow you to do the splits… no, just kidding… Clothing in which you feel comfortable to move softly will be definitely perfect! Don’t hesitate to take a sweater & a pair of socks. Sometimes relaxation brings a feeling of cold…


No pressure! If you feel that a posture (asana in Sanskrit) doesn’t suit you, we’ll find a way to get you comfortable. There are props to help and I love to find new positions for everyone. Let see by yourself! Experimentation is the best way to learn more & more!

There are many ways up the mountain, but each of us must choose a practice that feels true to our own heart. It is not necessary for you to evaluate the practices chosen by others. Remember, the practices themselves are only vehicles for you to develop awareness, lovingkindness, and compassion on the path toward freedom, a true freedom of spirit.
Jack Kornfield, A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life

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